Thursday, June 9, 2016

House Pictures Round 1

We moved in more than 6 months ago...people ask me almost weekly when we're moving in. Guess I was so diligent in posting updates on Facebook up until we moved in that people didn't realized the house is done. Oops! Those who do know we moved in often ask if we're feeling settled. No! I have yet to decorate anything at all. We still need furniture, shelving, etc. for several rooms. It's now summer break so I expect zero progress to occur until September. Maybe in another 6 months I'll feel a little settled. Maybe. Here's where we're at so far with some of the rooms....

Master Bedroom

View from the master bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Upstairs Loft/Library

Leah's Room

Leah's Room

Isaac and Jared's room

Isaac and Jared's Room





Monday, October 26, 2015

House Updates!

Alright, here's the latest. There are LOTS of pictures here, but not everything is included (a couple bathrooms, the unfinished basement, and inside the garage to name a few). We are hoping to have all trim done Thursday and painters start Friday. There's a growing pile of light fixtures, faucets, flooring samples, sinks, etc., etc., that we're very much looking forward to having installed or otherwise taken care of. After paint will be flooring and then the plumber, electricians, and HVAC guys will all come back to do their trim work. So close! 

And we're still waiting on the siding to be finished. Yeah, the siding they started in August....

On the outside, the stairs and railing for the deck have been completed. The patio under the deck has been poured (handprints embedded, too!). And the retaining walls are in. 

Front porch has been poured

Garage doors are on

Looking into the gym from the garage (smaller opening on the left is for the a/c-heater unit)

Looking into the garage from the deck. This window looks into the gym.

View from the deck

Septic tank being installed!


Mudroom (garage to the right, kitchen to the left)

Mudroom (kitchen to the right, garage to the left)

View from the kitchen into the family room

Leah's bathroom

Leah's bedroom

Leah's bedroom

Laundry room

Master bedroom

 Master bathroom (closet on far left, linen closet in middle, toilet room on right)

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Loft-this will be the kids' library

Isaac and Jared's room (looking into Adam and Caleb's room on the left, middle door is into the Jack and Jill bathroom, closet on right)

View from the loft (master bedroom on left, laundry on right). There will be a railing all the way around that opening, which is the stairs. :)

View from hallway upstairs (master on left, laundry, then Leah's room)


Formal Dining Room

View from front entry

And the actual septic tank....welcome to the country!